About Us

Based in Christchurch Dorset, Wholestone UK is focused on helping businesses and organisations position themselves in the marketplace. To do this we use methods applicable to the business type, whether business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). It is important to identify potential clients, consumers or the target audience and create a strategy that is relevant.

Creating a brand and positioning the brand carefully using both offline methods and available digital platforms is what we do best. Our focus is to help our clients place their business brand where it will create a response from those they are seeking to reach with their message. The aim, to convert those searching into customers.

Apart from consulting and advising on strategy, much of what we do is to help develop the brand and effectively implement the strategy and image across relevant digital platforms. This would include platforms such the business website, social media platforms, search engines, business directories etc. Ultimately this depends on the answer to two significant questions – Who are your customers and where are they spending their time?

The success of this depends as much upon the client’s efforts and input as it does on us.

Businesses cannot expect an enquiry if they do not communicate who and where they are, what they are offering and how they can meet the need.

A proactive approach to business.

Next Step

Contact us to discuss your situation and we can provide you with some information on how we think we can help you. It has to start somewhere!