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    Web design, digital marketing, consulting on business growth, branding, market position and effective communications strategies! Never a dull moment!


At Wholestone we offer web design,  digital marketing and consultancy services to businesses and organisations looking to review and improve their organisation’s image and digital presence. We also include a review of offline strategies to connect the two. The aim is to help our clients further establish their businesses so that they stand out from the competition. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that businesses and organisations need to adapt fast and a secure digital online presence is vital to success when navigating sudden change.

With an honest and open review of our client’s current strategies and market position, we consider the benefits of utilising the various online platforms now available including the client’s website and social media accounts along with a review of the company image and brand to help create or enhance the brand within its specific market place. We also recognise that going completely digital for marketing and promoting a business is not always the answer. It’s all about identifying just who your potential clients are and being realistic in just how best to reach them.

It’s all about communicating information intentionally and effectively.

From simple website design, troubleshooting and advice, to full development and implementation of branding across all digital platforms with strategies to help reposition the brand in the relevant market. It’s all about communicating information intentionally and effectively.

A bit more about Wholestone UK

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Web Design Services

We build websites for a variety of businesses and organisations that integrate our client’s branding and help connect their online world with their offline world! We have experience with both B2B and B2C websites as well as e-commerce and charity sites eg. Church websites that need to focus on links within the community.

Do you need a website?

The first thing the majority of us do today when in need of a product or service is to grab our smartphone or tablet for help! Enter a quick search into Google or your preferred search engine and the list presented is your starting point for a solution. Does your business or organisation show up? Even if it’s a single page website, are you in the list? If you are, what kind of impression are you giving those who visit your site? It’s not all about clever graphics or animations, but there are some basics that will help you become a choice if you’re not already!

Contact us if you would like to discuss your needs with us and we’ll do our best to help you!

Services offered include:

  • Web-development and ongoing site maintenance
  • Branding and corporate image reviews
  • Business consultations and growth strategies
  • Work Smart – Productivity reviews
  • Strategies to implement brands cross-platform
  • Social media development and implementation
  • Domain name and hosting advice and solutions